Leather Care & Cleaning:

Fine leather is soft and luxurious, making it an ideal choice for furniture. With the right care, leather improves with age, providing many years of enjoyable use. Even the best leather, however, is subject to damage. Different types of leather (see below) require different care and maintenance products. If you are uncertain about the type of leather you have, check with your sales representative or contact the store where you purchased the item. As a general rule of thumb, pretest all of the care products in a hidden area to make sure they are compatible with the leather.

To maintain the rich, natural look of your leather furniture, we offer the following general recommendations: Avoid using or placing sharp objects on leather goods. Leather is very durable, but not accident or damage proof. Place your furniture a minimum of two feet from heat sources. Protect your leather furniture from direct and even indirect sunlight. Some leathers, such as full and semi-aniline, will fade over time. Avoid air pollution such as cigar or cigarette smoke and cooking fumes, which can cause leather to fade or change color. Keep leather free from dust by dusting with a cloth, preferably once a week. Clean leather with Leather Cleaner ( Available in supermarkets) , preferably once a month if the furniture is used daily. Minimally, this needs to be done four times a year. Don’t rub! Sponge gently until all grime and stains are absorbed. Treat leather with Leather Protector/Conditioner after each cleaning, to retain its softness and attractive appearance. Blot spills up immediately. Use Leather Cleaner to remove the spill. Please note: Many common household cleaning products can cause severe damage and costly repairs, and improper cleaning may void your Furniture Protection Plan.

These are recommended or suggested methods of cleaning. LORENZO HOUSE is not responsible for damage incurred while cleaning. Always try the cleaning method in a hidden area first to see results.

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